Come and join us this February Half term

THIS WEEKEND! Saturday 17th Feb & Sunday 18th Feb – Reptiles Event

Come and see this fantastic collection of exotic creatures! Featuring a variety of animals including bearded dragons, corn snakes, geckos, a tarantula and everyone’s favourites Hugo the Savannah Monitor and Lucy the seven foot boa constrictor! 
Bring your cameras, as you will get many photo opportunities when you meet and greet these fantastic creatures in this educational experience!
(Free with entry to the park).


Sunday 25th Feb – Wonderdome Planetarium


Apparently this travelling wonderdome planetarium is out of this world…
Become emersed in this 360 degree cinema dome. Experience Space and adventure in a wonderful and educational way.
Show 1. 11:00am – 11:25am show 2. 11:30am – 11:55am show 3. 12:00pm – 12:25pm show 4. 12:30pm – 12:55pm show 5. 1:00pm – 1:25pm show 6. 1:30pm – 1:55pm
Tickets available on the day on entry and each show is subject to availability. There is a £2 /person/show surcharge for a Planetarium ticket.