Meet our

Animals - Matlock Farm Park

The real stars of Matlock Farm Park are the animals

At Matlock Farm Park we have some real characters! Find out more about them and see if you can spot them next time you visit!

From farm animals such as sheep, goats, pigs and donkeys, to more exotic creatures such as wallabies, emus, rhea birds, and meerkats, all our animals are happy to make friends and will welcome you back time after time.

At set times you can help feed the meerkats, handle our small animals and meet the wallabies. Please ask for our daily feeding times and events.

Boy feeding goats

Why not buy a bag of animal food and have the goats eating out of your hand?

For £1.00 you can buy a bag of grass nuts to feed our four legged farm animals - they are all friendly and love to be fussed!

Meerkat on a stone

Meet our meerkats!

Join in with feeding the meerkats their favourite foods at set times throughout the day!

From Spring until early Summer we have our cade lambs for bottle feeding and tiny fluffy chicks to hold. If horses and ponies are your favourite try our riding school for lessons, hacks or short pony rides.