Playtime - Matlock Farm Park

Complaints procedure

  1. We ask that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. This will help enable us to (if required) investigate the concern thoroughly, fairly and promptly.
  2. We will send written acknowledgement of the complaint within 3 days. This acknowledgment will include confirmation of the name, title and contact details for the person dealing with the complaint.
  3. If investigation is required, we will keep you informed of the progress.
  4. We strive to resolve all complaints promptly and aim to reach a satisfactory conclusion at the earliest opportunity. In the unlikely event that your complaint requires further investigation, we shall:       
  5. A: reach a conclusion within 4 weeks of the reported date the complaint was made
  6. B: if conclusion is not possible or further investigation required, we shall correspond in writing with an update of progress made and the reason the complaint has not yet been concluded.

Complaints can be made via:


Post: Matlock Farm Park, Jaggers Lane, Matlock, DE4 5LH